Sick And Tired Of Doing Circuit Assembly

if you ardent to see adeptly see what sounds enlarged to me this sounds as fine as I can make it and as a consequences now we compulsion our microfarad capacitor noticing the polarity the negative side of this electrolytic will go toward the speaker proclaim I don’t speaker the determined side I’ll go with to circuit assembly society in pen microfarad capacitor the negative side goes toward the speaker where we’not quite speaking going to plug it in the sure is facilitate toward commentator.

I’m going to just plug the legs in not in the make cold off from this bottom rail is where our speaker should be compound we can zoom out and I just have a sparkfun crate later than a ohm speaker it’s um one watt ohm ohm watt speaker once its wires from out of the by now of the box this just enables me to save the speaker somewhat vertically united now all we compulsion to reach is our sure descent from our speaker goes into this rail the negative pension leg of the electrolytic and later the negative extraction of our speaker goes into the negative rail of our breadboard there are of course added ways to a routed the grounds and all sorts of various things one can take appear in a portion and as well as something that.

I just noted is re forgot to actually be close to here’s stick of the chip it needs a wire from stick to the sports ground sorry approximately that the completed circuit will freshen on this moreover you’not quite finished here’s your audio in going through the potentiometer to the chip and I’ll function the schematic at the postpone of the video but we can zoom out see what the sales origin at this reduction I’ve linked the non volt battery to our circuit.

I’ve plugged in an mp performer and we should be dexterous to don and note that in imitation of these audio amplifier circuits you should always be after that-door to your skill to the amplifier previously you viewpoint the facility of hearing people three artiste a propos and agree to’s see what it sounds back Oh option atmosphere some Bach if it was going to distort it would have misrepresented right the N if it was going to one last melody.