Get Rid of DESIGN Once and For All

I want income I control the sales side right I want to know I check I’m a micro manager I’m a freak about revenue I don’t care about a bit of stuff logo design they eat your stuff on up here about the I don’t even want to know about the problems in the stakes we need security here right I don’t care about that dude.

I’m sold hmm the top two inches of on my job to make that freakin thing so fat everything below it the next three pages can’t it up right so and I would be ugly I wouldn’t our salespeople you know I am not whatever problem that you can’t grow that than that would you hire people that are younger that he going get like warm leaves bark and be updated have that feed up to me or.

logo design

Would you find out the nomination right some a senior and some other good all kind of deals I don’t know I probably have three levels of deals yup young guys that candy it up I’d have got a handful of guys that can freakin shut it down and I probably have a third group do some side deals with some other advertising guts mm-hmm you know that there are so terrified a competition that understand.

There’s two ways to play competition either you compete head-on yeah or you have a collaboration competition kind of thing like right there well this is operating as frickin Devils sighs right what white label would service are there exactly though you have two offers right well why not if you’re going to eat if you’re going to have your arm email chew help yourself yeah so like.

I’m talking to a guy right now about look let’s take your drawback white label it under my nation will both push the same probably comes in a marching blue just say yeah we don’t want that guy we look at his you’re sure looks like it but we don’t like that and right it’s the same product right now you getting paid on that product right.

But I’m pushing it right because it’s a different way of coming into guys to different or if you guys like I don’t want your product is not like Grant Cardone they pick it up from hand right and then I get up that that thing looks the same everybody wins with not it.

Make Your Digital Business Cards A Reality

digital business cards

And perhaps that’s why you’re on this call so what I’m going to do is ask Lindsey to share her screen because I haven’t got that technology and practice and Lindsey could you please just start to share your screen now while.

She’s doing that can people to share in the chat what small businesses do you have so we’ve got an array there’s people who are coaches probably which have a lot of interest from those people real estate agents it doesn’t matter what small business you have but if you pop it in the chat we’ll be able to tailor this conversation to give you some ideas so here we have party planned fantastic this is absolutely up your alley health and beauty.

Your fingers into many pies I think is all the tax agents accountants everyone everyone is seeing the value in these so what Lindsey has to share and social media thanks Ellen so Lindsey has just shared with you one of her cards so with this concept you are able to have business cards per account so if like me and a lot of people on.

The corners you wear more than one hat this is absolutely going to excite you so Lindsey sharing her card here you can see there it’s showing up the number of times she sent the card the number of times you’d it’s got a gorgeous picture of it how terrible is that for you to receive that the way you would receive that card could be a number of ways it could be by text message it could be through sharing a link through Facebook Messenger it.

Could be sharing the link through your email marketing program this works with all of the marketing that you’re doing right now and it’s going to open your open your business up to even better marketing as you’ll see so here.

We go Lindsay’s got her her face a lovely profile photo is recommended if you have a professional one that’s fantastic you can see there she’s even got her you can just click on that phone it’ll phone her you’ll text her and you’re linked to her email there is a button there that says find out more now if you push that that would actually take you to her website you can also you can have a couple of buttons that.

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